Calgary public transit can’t handle a little bit of sun. Who knew?

not enough bespectacled dude draws on my dash.

thank you for the super sweet words, guys. You helped lower my blood pressure a tad, I really appreciate it. You would all be such gracious guests u___u <33! 

Do you know any good mantis caresheets?

It depends on the species! But you can find a list of ‘em over here! General caresheets are a nice start, but I have found that each species does have a very unique set of needs and requirements. And so, I think finding a caresheet that’s particular to your species of mantis is important :]

birthday wedding

My birthday/wedding is coming up fast (this coming saturday!!), and I should probably be more excited about it than I am haha!
I really look forward to being married, but I don’t want to get married. By which I mean—marriage ceremonies (or any ceremonies where I am required to be the center of attention) are really not my cup o’ tea and I’m kinda half-dreading it. 

I’m really hoping that none of the attendees are expecting anything super amazing because it’s really just going to be like… delicious foo, fabulous cupcakes and “thanks for being a part of our lives, gaise, u r da best”. Weddings are such a bizarre ritual, and I’m just…not part of that world at all hahaha. I feel bad talking to acquaintances upon their discovering I’m about to get married, because they (being wonderful) get so excited for me and I’m just like “haha yeah, it’s gonna be p. ok, I guess.” 
My lack of enthusiasm was so apparent that my step father really had to ask me “are you sure you want to get married?” to which I responded, “Nooo, I just want to be married.” He laughed and replied “Good answer.”

But, despite that, I am really thankful for how much help we received in setting up the humble evening event, and everyone who has bought a commission from me over the past two months are (perhaps unwitting) contributors to this wedding. So I just want to take the moment to thank you guys, a lot! :]

I hope you all have an excellent week and find 20$ on the ground or something. A++ <3


Mantis and moth stickers! I’ll be selling these at SMASH this year. :) I couldn’t resist making cute lil buggies.

heavy breathing

An illustration commissioned by Airie on FA of their very pretty leopard lad :&gt;

An illustration commissioned by Airie on FA of their very pretty leopard lad :>

d—did my favorite erotica artists just leave tumblr because of…???

omfg I am so mad at certain corners of this fucking website right now, holy shit.

not having enough friends to throw you a bachelorette party





straight people are so weird wtf like heres a drawing of two animals in love but one has eyelashes so you know these are Straight Animals



There’s this weird unspoken rule of western animation that WOMAN=EYELASHES. I have a butch/femme lesbian couple and had to add big ol’ eyelashes to the butch girl because everyone kept assuming that it was a straight couple otherwise. :|

one project I was art lead on had a female scottish terrier lead character. Initially, she just had these little beady black eyes. She also had a sweet pink scarf from the get-go because she was fabulous, but I was eventually forced to give her eyelashes, as well. Because apparently, she was "too gay" without eyelashes 8|


add “getting my tattoo” to the list of infinite things I look forward to upon returning to Thailand.